XO BumbleBee (xo_bumblebee) wrote in phimu,
XO BumbleBee

re-activating as an alumni

Hi all,

First off I see that this community has had 0 posts since July 2009 so hopefully someone still reads. I guess we will see.

I was a Phi Mu for a time when I was in college but deactivated due to financial and political reasons. However many of the girls still remained my close friends. I have been out of college almost 5 years now and I still keep in touch with a few of them really regularly and we visit each other and all kinds of stuff.

What I wanted to know, was if I contact nationals, would it be possible to re-instate my membership, but as an alum? I'm now in the position where I can pay the dues I owed nationals when I deactivated.

I feel like I'd be getting back a piece of myself if I was able to do this, plus then if I ever wanted to help nearby chapters to where I live with recruitment or advising or whatever, I'd be able to.

Thanks for any info you might have.
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