Gisele (sweetsavvy) wrote in phimu,

another question

as you guessed i am a recent I have another question because again no one really seems to know the answer. Does your chapter allow alum to come to formal or semi-formal? One of my sisters wants to take me as a date but some people are saying i can't go and some are saying I can....
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in my chapter, alumni advisors DO come to formal, but not to semi-formal (that i know of), basically once you're not a collegian, you better go join the alumnae association because Phi Mu is pretty strict nationally about Alumnae hanging with collegians. Locally however, it depends on what rules they are following ;-D
As far as I know, no, you are not allowed at formals or semi formals unless you are an advisor of some sort.
i'm a recent alumnae too but the alumnae aren't allowed to go to formal or semi-formals.
i'm guessing it varies by chapter... we have invited alum to our formals before, and they have showed up and had an awesome time. not semi-formal though, for some reason...

anyway, i would think that a former chapter advisor from your chapter would have the right answer for you. good luck!
From a former chapter president:

If there is going to be alcohol served at your formal, no alumni are permitted. There are rules that say collegiates are not prmitted to drink at social functions with alumni (unless they are advisors, then I think they can).

If the formal is dry, however, then there are no rules that would disallow your going unless you took 5th year alum status and are still attening that university. Those who take 5th year alum status are not permitted to attend ANY social functions until after they graduate.

No alums at parties unless they are advisor's. advisor's must be at all parties. advisor's cannot partake in any alcohol served at parties. I know that the rules changed recently about parties without alcohol but I'm not sure what they changed to. Have the Risk Management person look it up.
I am just wondering, why is this so? I am not an alum yet, and i doubt this will be an issue for me when i am an alum, but I am just wondering why. I would think that Phi Mu would WANT alums and collegiates to form bonds to strengthen the whole idea of us all being sisters, but thats just me, I know. So, if anyone knows, let me know! thanks! :-)
Fraternities use alums to haze in order to get around the "no hazing" rules. I think that it is connected to that. I'm sure that there was something happen at some point in time to start the rule, as silly as we may think it is in my experience most of the rules in the risk management manual have been there for a reason.
Our chapter allows graduating seniors to have a date and then one invite (who also can invite a date or the senior could just have two invites). Alums are typically allowed as invites and they are typically either the senior's big or big big. It's usually at the descretion of the the advisor or our president to say yes it's okay or no it isn't.
If you're her date, you can go.
What should it matter?
After all, you ARE a sister.