cmuhottie85 (cmuhottie85) wrote in phimu,

Recruitment Ideas

Hello there all of my Phi Mu ladies! I hope the holidays are going well for everybody! I was elected to the position of Membership Direct, and have to plan COR for my chapter. I was wondering if any of you had some good ideas for events. We have 11 sororities on campus, so recruitment is a little competitive i guess u could say. I am working hard to create a recruitment that makes us stand out!

Thanks ahead of time!

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This year we had an old movie night theme, where we decorated the house and tried to make it seem like a theatre and then we showed a movie we had made of clips of all of us doing funny things or cheering, there were some serious questions asked to. But it just really showed who we were, far more than just talking during recruitment ever could.
Our chapter did a grease "Pink Ladies" theme... we ordered really cute Pink Ladies baseball tees and everyone wore their hair in ponytails. I decorated the room like an old 50s diner with old records everywhere and coca cola stuff... we got old coca cola bottles and put pink carnations in them for the center of the tables where girls talked at... all the music was from grease/hairspray... if you'ld like me to send you the lyrics let me know! it turned out amazing... i even made up our own Phi Mu diner menus and I could send you a copy of one if you choose to use this theme!!